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    Investing in Indian Health Care for All

    India is in the midst of the world’s largest experiment in democratic elections, with more than 800 million people eligible to vote in its current parliamentary elections.
    Impact investors are monitoring what may be an even more interesting experiment …

  • Fresh Coast Capital

    Watch Out, Wall Street: MBAs Design Sustainable Investment Funds

    The winning team in a business-school sustainable finance competition summoned a vision of groves of poplar trees on polluted industrial sites, delivering competitive returns to private investors while cleaning up toxics and boosting real estate values.
    Fresh Coast Capital …

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    Save the Oceans, Feed the World, Make a Profit?

    What’s good for the fish is good for the fishing communities — and for impact investors.
    That’s the thesis of three new vehicles for investing in sustainable fisheries that will be tested in the Philippines, Chile and Brazil over …

  • SpringHealthBoy

    Business Solutions to India’s Poverty

    Economists have it all wrong.

    The conventional definition of economic growth—increase in average per capita GDP—is irrelevant to people living in extreme poverty. If you’re one of 400 million people in India earning $400 a year or …

  • dlightusers

    D.Light Raises $11 Million to Light Up Developing World

    Like Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatApp, the announcement that d.light design has closed $11 million in new financing is a signal of Silicon Valley’s increasing interest in technology’s role in meeting the needs of emerging …


Freshwater Trust’s Water Quality Trading Credits

Technology provides pace, the economy provides scale, says Freshwater's Joe Whitworth, in the race to save our rivers.

Valuing Ecoystem Services

Adam Davis of Ecosystem Partners lays out how the Clean Water Act has created a $3 billion marketplace that has restored more than one million acres.

Gratitude Awards Highlight Impact Ventures

Coming up in May 2014

Cheryl Dahle: The New Oceans Economy

Why is Impact IQ all over fish? It's a huge and underdeveloped opportunity for impact. Cheryl Dahle lays it out.

Investing in Women in Agriculture

Root Capital's Women in Agriculture initiative seeks to reach Reach 200,000 female producers by 2016 as a strategy to increase food security, raise incomes and spur broader economic growth.

The “Seattle Plan” for Energy Efficiency Financing

David Chen of Equilibrium Capital explains how MEETS (Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure) can unlock investment for commercial energy retrofits that lower costs and reduce carbon.

Investing in Life and Health

In this outtake from Impact IQ's "Reinvent Finance" roundtable, Sari Miller of Leapfrog Investments talks about life insurance for HIV+ South Africans; Liesbet Peeters of Dalberg's D Capital Partners makes the economic case for malaria prevention.

Facts and Fiction of Impact Investing

Hour-long panel discussion at the Global Philanthropy Forum, featuring Maya Chorengel of Elevar Equity, Matt Bannick of Omidyar Network and Sasha Dichter of Acumen Fund. Moderated by David Bank of Impact IQ.

Phoebe Higgins on the California Fisheries Fund

A nonprofit revolving loan fund that invests in fishermen, fishing businesses, ports, communities and others to advance both environmental conservation and economic stability in port communities.

Social Impact Bonds Explained

A primer on pay-for-success financing mechanisms that leverage private capital to fund preventive programs in homelessness, recidivism, health care and other areas, improving outcomes and cutting costs..

David Bank: Beyond the Hype Around Impact Investing

Matching the right capital with the right projects is key to the success of impact investing.

The Art of the Deal: Penelope Douglas on Galaxy Desserts

Penelope Douglas, co-founder of Pacific Community Ventures and president of the board of Hub Bay Area and SOCAP, saw Galaxy Desserts potential to create jobs in Richmond, Calif., which made it a fit with PCV's mission. But it was the passion and personality of the founders that clinched the deal.

The Art of the Deal: David Jeromin on BackPark Farm

David Jeromin describes how he was attracted to the vision of Backpack Farms founder Rachel Zedeck, who is aiming to create a platform that will help small African farmers earn money, build their ability to grow food, enhance nutrition, promote gender equality and improve water management.

The Art of the Deal: Kevin Jones on Alter Eco

Kevin Jones, co-founder of Good Capital and the founder of SOCAP, looks for entrepreneurs and companies that listen to the market. He found both in Alter Eco Foods and its co founders.